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Welcome to Shakti Elementals

The elements are the life forces that constantly flow through us. Tuning into these life-giving elements allows us to connect to our true nature and keep us in balance.


At Shakti Elementals, we acknowledge the importance of the elements by incorporating their powerful energies within our four unique treatments.


Inspired by FIRE, we offer an invigorating treatment to fully rejuvenate you. Opening up your body’s natural energy flow, this exceptional massage aims to ignite your creativity, passion, freedom, love, power and courage. 


Emotions are closely linked to WATER. Our pent-up feelings cause blockages to our energy flow, making us feel emotionally stuck. Our soothing water-inspired treatment aims to bring fluidity, release and healing to these inner energies, carrying you back to balance.


Our deeply relaxing AIR treatment reflects the sensation of our cleansing breath flow. Our own breath is a wonderful healing tool, and can be used to stimulate the para-sympathetic nervous system. This special
air-inspired treatment seeks to harness this power to nurture your body, mind and spirit.


Finally, our intensive EARTH massage is deeply beneficial to the body. The earth element is closely linked to stability and security, and this richly nourishing treatment leaves you feeling grounded and connected to your intuition and inner wisdom.


Guided by these four powerful elements, we ensure that every massage treatment is personalised, therapeutic and unique to you. Each Shakti Elementals experience is designed to help you on your journey to greater health and well-being.

About Shakti Elementals, Massages, body treatment, birthkeeping services in London
About Shakti Elementals, Massages, body treatment, birthkeeping services in London
Shakti Elements Logo_color_yellow-png.png

My Story

Hi, I‘m Ariana, and I’m so happy you have taken the first steps in discovering the restorative powers of touch. With 11 years’ experience as a specialist in Therapeutic Massage, I know that I can help you - whatever your unique reason for arriving here.

I often tell people that I didn’t choose massage – massage chose me!

My journey began when I was growing up. As the eldest of six children, I was always the one who soothed my mother’s sore back and tight shoulders when she was tired from looking after us all. I learned then that the power of touch can heal, restore and revitalise.

I love my work as a massage therapist, and everyday I see the magical effects of touch - healing bodies, balancing minds and bringing harmony to the spirit. As well as soothing aches and pains, it can be an alternative to conventional drugs or medical interventions. It can also be sensual and nurturing, motivating you to take better care of yourself. It can be grounding, enabling you to feel refreshing moments of presence and clarity. It truly is a holistic experience. I follow my heart when I am working with clients, letting my hands work intuitively, giving a unique massage treatment. My approach has always been to treat the whole body, and each massage I give reflects my client’s individual needs.

One of my specialisms is Womb and Fertility Massage, and this has enabled me to broaden my experience of working with women at important life-changing moments, such as trying to conceive, miscarriage, abortion, pregnancy, postpartum and menopause. I am also a Birthkeeper, providing physical and emotional support before, during and after childbirth.

 I’m constantly seeking to expand my skills and offer more to my clients. Right now, I’m learning how to guide women to become more in tune with their sexuality, help them love their bodies, and nurture the female kundalini spirit deep inside them.

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