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Birthkeeping services, doula, placenta services, Shakti Elementals, London
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“Woman is an incarnation of Shakti – the goddess of power.
She is your Feminine source. Big Mama. The Great Mystery. The web-weaver.
A Lioness. A healer.”

All mothers are elated when their birthing journey ends with their precious new-born baby in their arms, whatever they have encountered along the way.

However, when we listen to birth-stories, it is not uncommon to hear women describe feelings of disempowerment, of not being heard, or being left with a feeling that it was just not the birth they had hoped for.

I felt elated after both my birthing journeys, even though they were not without complications. My first child was born by emergency C-section, and my second birth - though it was a successful VBAC – was definitely not the birth I had hoped for.

During this precious time, it is so important to be supported by someone who has a deep understanding of the birthing and postpartum process. Looking back at my experiences, to have had a doula by my side with knowledge and faith in my birthing journey would have made a huge difference.

It is my wish to hold a safe space for the birthing mother and her partner in which they feel informed and empowered in their birthing journey and beyond. The thoughts and feelings we have about birth deeply affect how it will unfold, so knowledge and preparation are of the utmost importance. I will help connect her with inner-strength and self-belief, building up her confidence to give birth in the way that every woman instinctively knows how. I can also offer postnatal care and support where needed.

I am a qualified Prenatal and Postnatal Massage Therapist, with specialisms in Fertility. I have also worked extensively in the field of Baby Massage. In addition, I can deliver ‘Closing Ceremonies’ as practiced by South American Healers and Midwives. My skills in these areas enhance my work as a doula, including my own experiences as a mother.

I look forward to joining you on your birthing journey.


Birthkeeping services price starts from £1700 for more details please contact me.

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Birthkeeping services, doula, placenta services, Shakti Elementals, London
Shakti Elements Logo_color_green-png.png

Placenta Services

I make placenta pills, tinctures, essences and smoothies. Also we do bespoke placenta prints. they are made by an artist and are unique and individual to you and your baby. no print is the same as no placenta is the same. for more information please contact me personally.

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