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Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can find the answers to the most common questions of bodywork, birthkeeping, massages. Of course, if you still haven't find what you were looking for, please do not hesitate to reach out to us and we will be happy to help!

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Before you head down to the FAQ, here is the list of what we bring to EVERY treatment:
- Massage table
- Sheets (2 white hotel quality white sheets)
- Music (Spotify premium, so literally we can play anything you like) + Bose Sound Mini
- Organic massage oil
- Essential oils (if you fancy an aromatherapy massage)
- CBD oil (treatment with a little magik*) - k* is intentional here.
- Electric blanket (when it is winter outside and some people still keep the windows open I have a backup plan to keep you warm)

And most importantly - We promise our focus and attention to You and You olny.

  • Treatment at home. What should I do or prepare for the arrival?
    There are just few things that are very important. Room temperature +20°C It's not a good idea to keep the windows open while the temperature outside is negative. You will literally freeze on the table. And you won't be able to enjoy the treatment. You can always air the room after we finished. Provide enough space for us and the table. If it's not possible to have enough space for the table, we can work with what we have, but if you have, then let's use your biggest room. Make it cosy. Dim the lights, close the curtains or light up candles (diffusers and incense are also optional) - just make sure to have the most pleasant environment, so you could fully enjoy the experience.
  • What if I fall asleep?
    We heal when we sleep. Our body craves sleeping to regenerate, to recover. Also, we say that if you fall asleep in front of a "stranger" you are actually accepting the treatment as a safe space to shut down. Sleeping is awesome, so if you want to - sleep on massage table as much as you want!
  • How to achieve total relaxation?
    We have realized one very important thing - that people, even if they are on the massage table and their breathing is calm etc., they still struggle to completely let go. So many of you just lie there and are very quiet (Please don't get us wrong, if it's who you are, it's totally amazing and beautiful!). But I am talking about people who really want to make deep long sighs and moan a little when it feels good but something is stopping them?.. We promise - we will encourage you when on a massage table and you feel like it - release everything with sound! Go for it! With us you are safe. The space we hold is totally just for you to be who you are and not for us to judge!
  • What do I need to know and do after the treatment?
    Our most common advice - always have one more glass of water than you normally have. It's because you need to flush the toxins. If you can - run yourself a bath. Take a nap. Often people feel ashamed or guilty that they feel sleepy after massage. But your body is sending you a message - listen to it. People who exercise a lot ask us when is best to have a treatment - before or after their session. We say it doesn't matter: if we do it before - you'll be well stretched; if after - it will work like nice cooldown. Avoid alcohol for at least 24 hours, as massage is a detoxifying treatment. Do breathing exercises to assist with taking in oxygen to your fullest capacity. (Breathe deeply while you have a massage). Massage has magical properties. So even if you cannot follow any of these advices (well, except drinking water) it will still change you and your soft tissues over few days. The most important piece of advice is - Have more massage.
  • How often should I get a massage?
    The answers depend on your pain and physical needs, your stress and emotional needs, and of course, your budget (but that can be negotiated). Receiving massage regularly will have the most benefit. A massage once a week, or every two weeks would be ideal, but may not be realistic for every person. Remember, just as going on one short run on the treadmill doesn’t prepare you for a marathon, and one healthy meal doesn’t lead you to all your health & nutritional goals, one massage session cannot undo years of damage. And even if you feel the difference after one session - don't stop! Massage shouldn't have to be deep tissue, sports or in general hardcore to "fix" your issues. We believe that touch is healing on its own. No matter how often and how long it lasts. But remember, it's an investment in your health, in your future, in your mind and physical body - Love it!
  • How long should be my massage session?
    We offer 60, 75 and 90-minute massages. It might be confusing which length of time to choose for your first massage. The best way to work it out is think about which area(s) you need work on. 60 minutes (the most popular one) If you want a specific region working on, such as your back or legs, then 60 minutes is your best option (full body too). The time allows us to really get into the muscles and focus on alleviating tension and knots. If there is a lot of built-up tension, the body can take time to release this, so working slowly and firmly encourages relaxation and re-alignment. I also recommend an hour if this is your first session with me.75 minutes If you're looking for a full body massage but 90 min is way too long (and we think 60 min is a little too short) - this length is your best choice. With 75 min you get total relaxation and mind-body-soul alignment and we don't need to rush through treatment. 90 minutes A full body massage done properly definitely requires 90 minutes. This allows time for communication and relaxation. We pride ourselves on working with your body slowly, not just speeding through treatment due to time constraints. In 90min we can focus on your feet and neck and head (or any other favourite area of yours).
  • What is Intuitive Bodywork?
    Intuitive means we use our intuitive perception of you at all levels (physical/physiological, energetic, emotional, mental, spiritual) in order to assess and respond to your needs. The immediate need may be at any of those levels, although it is usually persistent physical or emotional pain or problems that lead people to seek help. My intuitive perception has developed through my training and work and has been fine-tuned in over 10 years of working with people. It is supported by different frameworks that I use in my work: anatomy, energy channels, the Indian system of chakras (energy centres), psychology, spiritual awareness and clarity. Bodywork means I am usually in contact with your body. This allows me to "tune into" your body, energy and being. I work with my hands to release energy blockages, or by using other bodywork techniques such as acupressure or massage. I combine different techniques according to your need. So putting two definitions together, intuitive bodywork is a holistic approach to health and wellness that involves therapeutic massage techniques to facilitate the release of muscular and also energy blockages. It is a therapeutic process that encourages self-discovery and wellness.
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